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     When we had our first kid we were finding it really hard to stay on top of cleaning, so we hire Ealing Cleaning Company. It was supposed to be temporary, but they do such a great job and it's so cheap, we couldn't survive without their cleaning services now.
Hew Dawson19/05/2020
     We have been so happy with the service provided by your company! We have not been able to find any good cleaning services until now!
Tyler N.19/09/2019
     I am normally not the sort of person who lets strangers clean their home but because my work didn't spare me any time, I decided to go for a professional cleaning company. Carpet Cleaners Ealing did not disappoint in the claims that they made. They definitely do provide the best cleaning services with a very comprehensive range and still charge very reasonable rates for them! I highly recommend them to you if you are looking for a reliable cleaning team!
Y. Palmer18/02/2015
     Carpet Cleaners Ealing are the only cleaning company that I'll be using from now on! This is the best cleaning company that I've ever hired, simply because of how good and thorough their staff are! I've used companies in the past that would leave those tough to clean areas and pretend not to have seen them, but this company make sure to clean every centimetre of my house. The results I see are always impressive, I couldn't be happier with this amazing cleaning service!
Jenny P.29/01/2015
     I have never before come across a cleaning company as dedicated and as flexible as Carpet Cleaners Ealing. They have worked for me twice in the past three months and every time they leave, I am very pleased to walk around the house and take in what they have done. My windows and mirrors were cleaned, along with my electronics. The dust behind the TV and sofa was gone and even the fan was cleaned. Their attention to detail is worth commending. So don't go for other cleaners when you could have this company give you such a brilliant clean out.
     When I lived in a house share we had a cleaner to come and clean everything before we moved out. Carpet Cleaners Ealing were able to send a very accomplished cleaner who did a professional job for us and cleaned all the bits we were afraid of doing ourselves. The cleaner did the oven, the living room carpet, the windows and the hardwood floor and the place looked great when it was all finished. Our landlord refunded our deposit in full. This is a cleaning company that tenants should consider using as they are very good and are available at short notice.
     I was growing tired of the company I was using previously for my upholstery cleaning needs. They were often late arriving, I felt they were overcharging and sometimes they seemed to do a half-hearted job when they should have been dedicated and professional. Carpet Cleaners Ealing were recommended to me by a woman at my local newsagent so I called, got a very satisfactory quote and let them take care of my upholstery. They take great care, are very careful and my upholstery is clean, I am impressed!
Jenny Davis09/10/2014
     The team of cleaners that Carpet Cleaners Ealing sent me to help with my office clean up, after the Christmas party were just amazing. Our normal cleaning company refused to clear up, knowing that we like to get a bit rowdy... but most important of all was that these new cleaners were top of the range in terms of what it was that they knew how to do. They had no problems with mucking in and getting on with the job in hand, which is always healthy to see a can do attitude when it comes to cleaning! These people never fail to amaze me!
Cat S.04/09/2014
     Working long hours means I am unable to do very much housework during the week and I sometimes go away for long weekends. I was reluctant to employ a cleaning agency but in Carpet Cleaners Ealing I have finally found one that I can trust. As cleaning companies go, they are definitely up there and do a very thorough job every time they come to clean for me. I am comfortable enough to give the cleaners a key to my home and they are always very polite and friendly when I talk to them about what needs to be done.
Chris Finch30/06/2014
     I run a small office and as my staff and I work, it quickly becomes messy. Things fall over and are mixed up, litter builds, etc, but we are so dedicated with our work, we don't have time to clean. Feeling that the mess had become too much, I called Carpet Cleaners Ealing. Their staff were with me within the week and they were able to swiftly tackle all the dust, dirt and clutter. The office looks better than ever and my team can work to their full potential once again, without the mess getting in the way. I know I'll call them again as soon as the clutter builds up.
Warren Stevens20/06/2014
     I sold my house after living in it for 10 years and was in need of a professional cleaning company to really get rid of that tough dirt that had built up. Moving your belongings leaves a lot of grimy mess and I just didn't have the time to do the job myself. I contacted a local firm Carpet Cleaners Ealing, to hire for the job. I explained the situation and it wasn't a problem to them, they knew how to deal with it. I was given a quote which was good, and made an appointment. A team turned up on time and with a lot of cleaning equipment and products, and did a brilliant job.
Donna Brown26/05/2014
     I am not the type to gush about services online, but Carpet Cleaners Ealing are really helping me out at the moment. I have had a load of events to host, and each time I get them to do the clean up afterwards. It is very much easier than trying to get volunteers, and it is often so cheap that I can put it in to the budget without anyone worrying about the money being misspent! I may even get them round to do my house next week! If anyone out there needs no-fuss cleaning, then get in touch with this company!
Julie Collins14/05/2014
     Running around after three small children is a huge task, and being a busy mum meant that my house was always looking a little unclean! I was worried about keeping my house clean as I didn't want my children to pick up any nasty germs, but by the time the kids were in bed I was just too tired to do anything! I called Carpet Cleaners Ealing to hire a weekly cleaner and I'm really glad that I did! My cleaner is really quick at her job and never leaves anything forgotten - even the picture rails and tops of bookcases get a thorough dust and a scrub! My house looks perfect every single week, and I don't have to worry about my children playing on unclean floors!
Ella H.16/04/2014
     Getting great cleaning services was a big focus of mine when I moved to the area. In my old house, I had a great regular cleaner who I absolutely trusted. However, after moving, it took me a good while to find someone of equal quality. Carpet Cleaners Ealing were that company and I can honestly say that they've made moving to the area worthwhile. Now that I know that I have them on my side, I can safely enjoy myself during the week and I know that they will have me covered when it comes to the cleaning. Thanks again, guys.
     I heard great reviews about Carpet Cleaners Ealing's sofa cleaning services. I needed a reliable company that knew how to delicately clean expensive fabrics. I had yet to get my upholstery cleaned after purchased and needed a thorough clean that would take out the dirt from deep within the fibres. The service at Carpet Cleaners Ealing was affordable and high quality. They knew just what cleaning agents to use to ensure that the upholstery was cleaned and renovated. I was very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a thorough clean.
Daniela P.18/02/2014
     If you don't like the thought of having a stranger enter your home to clean it, then I would urge you not to worry. I used to think like that until I simply had enough of putting so much time into keeping my home clean. So I called Carpet Cleaners Ealing and booked a one-off clean, just to see how I felt about it. It didn't cost much, and we agreed a time on the phone. Sure enough a friendly cleaner turned up at the door on time and proceeded to transform my home in just short of an hour. That very same cleaner has been coming every week for almost a year now!
Jessy Thomas30/01/2014
     This is a great cleaning company for me and my family. We don't have a huge income but we're a busy bunch and none of us could ever find the time to pick up a dustpan and brush. We wanted to find an affordable cleaning company that would be able to quickly and easily clean up our home, and Carpet Cleaners Ealing manage to do just that! The staff are really polite and lovely, and even though I was a bit worried about having strangers in my home, they put me straight at ease! This is an affordable solution to your cleaning problems and I can't thank them enough!
Lucy Moore20/01/2014
     When I moved into a bigger house with my family I just couldn't keep up with the cleaning. There was always something that needed to be done and I could just never find the energy or the time. I'd heard about Carpet Cleaners Ealing through a friend and decided to give them a try. The service I received was really friendly and they did a great job cleaning my house. I can't believe what a brilliant service this is, it's definitely something I think everyone should try if they can't keep up with their cleaning! I can't thank the company enough!
     Finding a decent company to clean your office is a tiresome process, because it is something you don't want to spend your time doing as it does not directly affect the growth of your business. So when I approached Carpet Cleaners Ealing some years ago, I made it clear what I expected of them, and boy did they respond. We keep an open dialogue in case there are any aspects of their work we are not happy with (which happens incredible rarely) and they clean in an efficient and discreet manner. Recommended to other business out there.
Tony S.05/12/2013

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